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The Pinnacle of Flexibility

The splits (front, pancake and middle) are considered the pinnacle of flexibility by most traditions.

Several years ago I sought out a renowned Yoga teacher to show me the way to the splits. One thing he said that struck me was:

"I've been teaching for over 20 years and 90% of Yogi's will never achieve this pose." (referring to the front splits.)

So why are they so hard to achieve?

Things Yoga Can't Teach You

Yoga is great, but it was developed in a different time than the one we are in.

The modern man has few more aches and pains and is more sedentary than the Yogi's of old.

Additionally, with the growing popularity of weight training, we have athletes with more muscle mass than the typical yogi. These bulkier athletes can not attain the splits with stretching alone.

Therefore, we need an updated approach that includes the best tools and exercises for our modern era.

YOGA 2.0

Deeper Into The Splits

For those who wants to achieve the splits, learning how to be strong in a stretched position is essential.

It is an illusion to think that if you keep doing relaxing, passive stretching, that one day the splits will magically be comfortable and relaxing as well.

In truth, certain muscles need to learn how to contract very hard to get deeper into the splits.

Flexibility is about training your nervous system that a big stretch (the splits) is safe. What better way than to be strong in that position?


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Avoid Pain and Injury

Pulled hamstrings are a common occurance in the stretching community when training for the splits.

But does this have to be the case?

One of the problems with the "just stretch your brains out" approach to flexibility training is that it leaves a lot of injured athletes in its wake.

The TSR method of flexibility training bypasses these pitfalls by including certain exercises that act as "safeguards" against pain and injury.

By including certain targeted self-myofasical release techniques, you become aware of overly stretched/strained muscles much quicker than if you were not including these techniques.

This means you won't pull a hamstring on your quest for the front splits.

Get Flexible Faster

As I said earlier, flexibility is about training the nervous system.

The TSR Method gives multiple "inputs" into the nervous system that basically teach it that these extreme end-range positions (the splits) are truly safe.

This allows your brain to relax and allow you to easily go in to these ranges with strength and ease.

Instead of the splits taking years to accomplish, they can now be attained in months.

Complete Front Splits Flexibility System

The Front Splits Program is your one-stop "Coach In A Box."

In the 45-day program I personaly walk you through every stretch and exercise on your way to achieving the mythical front splits.

I look forward to seeing you in the program.

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