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30-Day Program to Fix Shoulder Impingement and Get Pain-Free, Flexible Shoulders

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What Are Super Shoulders?

This program is all about getting Super Shoulders, but what does that actually mean?

Having Super Shoulders means that you have:

  • Zero shoulder pain or impingement in daily life 
  • Feel completely strong, pain-free, and comfortable in the gym while using your shoulders to do exercises such as...
  • Overhead and front squats
  • Handstands and pullups
  • Bench press, dips, and pushups
  • Jerks, overhead pressing, etc

This program particularly emphasizes front squat and overhead squat shoulder mobility, but it will greatly benefit you if you are dealing with any kind of shoulder pain, tightness, or injury.


A Better Approach to Shoulder Flexibility and Pain Relief

Step 1 in fixing shoulder pain and increasing shoulder flexibility is realizing that your lifestyle has to change (no more slouching at a computer for hours a day!)

Step 2 is following a principled, systematic, logical, and proven system that progressively leads you from one exercise to another until you've achieved full range of motion in all ranges and all directions.

The reality is, techniques are many but principles are few...

To have pain-free, athletically functional shoulders, you must obey the following 4 proven principles:

Lifestyle: Optimize your lifestyle for good shoulder posture
Tissue Work: Do targeted tissue work on areas of muscle that are too dense
Stretching: Practice specific stretches to optimize the positions you want to improve
Re-Education: Re-educate your movement / motor patterns to be as close to ideal as possible

These 4 principles are thoroughly covered in the Super Shoulders product.

This is also what I've been teaching to my athletes around the world during 1-on-1 sessions, in classes, workshops, and on Skype video calls.

The Super Shoulders Program Is Probably Not Like Anything Else You’ve Seen Or Tried

With the dawn of the information age, you can easily find all kinds of articles and videos online that promise you radical transformations in your flexibility with just a few stretches.

Well, I'm here to spoil the party.

Your shoulders didn't get tight overnight, and they aren't going to get flexible overnight from a few quick stretches.

Fortunately, the system I teach goes way beyond stretching. It incorporates the best strategies from:

  • Myofascial Work
  • Progressive Stretching
  • Strength and Conditioning

Taking this approach has really paid off for me and the people I work 1-on-1 with, and I know it will work for you too.

Especially when you consider the impressive turn-around this strategy produced for me…

In 2008 I was at a point where years of sitting, studying and computer gaming were starting to catch up to me.

My posture was pretty wrecked and was leading to all kinds of neck and shoulder pain. I was even having difficulty performing basic gym movements like overhead pressing and overhead squats.

One day, after another shoulder impingement injury, my strength and conditioning mentor got so fed up with my slouchy posture and recurring injuries that he exclaimed:

" have got to do something about your frickin' posture!"

This was the kick in the butt I needed to start doing something.

I became obsessed with posture and flexibility. I would spend the next several years spending thousands of dollars (and hours) learning how to fix my issues.

Fast forward a few years and I had transformed my posture and shoulder health. I had also learned several very important lessons that are missing from 90% of physical therapy, posture, and flexibility programs.

I started teaching my TSR System of flexibility & mobility to hundreds, and eventually thousands, of athletes around the world.

This is what powers the Super Shoulders program.


Fix Shoulder Pain Now

Fix your shoulders AND get head-to-toe flexibility with the Flexibility University bundle 


Over 20,000 + Athletes And Counting...

Thousands of athletes around the world are using our programs.


What You Get In The Program:

  • Over 35 premium HD videos
  • A 30-day follow-along PDF program
  • The 3-principles to pain-free / flexible shoulders
  • The most powerful exercises to instantly increase range of motion (great to do pre-workout!)
  • My best tips for creating lasting change in your body so that you don't have to stretch for hours and hours a day to maintain flexibility
  • How to free up the scapula to free up the shoulder joint
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions for improving posture via improving thoracic spine mobility
  • The #1 thing you must focus on if you want to have mobile shoulders (you'll want to do THIS before working on anything else)
  • How ankles and hip mobility impacts shoulder and wrist discomfort (this is a BIG deal!)
  • How to get instant, "free" ankle flexibility to help take the stress off your shoulders in front squats and overhead squats
  • Why your wrist pain is not related to your wrists (HINT: it's actually about your ankles, hips, and/or shoulder mobility)

And that’s only a fraction of what we’re going to cover inside Super Shoulders.

This training is divided into 3 separate jam-packed sections with me teaching you my complete system.

Start today and rejoice with pain-free, flexible shoulders!

What People Are Saying:

Medical Professionals

"About 4 months ago I started having severe shoulder issues, to the point where I was having issues sleeping at night...

...After 2 months of work, my shoulder pain is gone and I have noticed drastic improvements in my posture and just how my body feels at rest."

Rob B.

Medical Professional / Athlete

Crossfit / Olympic Lifting Coach

"He is like a human encyclopedia for mobility work.

Shane understands all the little intricacies of the body and knows a dozen ways to attack each obstacle...

I had limited shoulder range of motion and after Shane, things have changed dramatically. To be honest, it's been a total game-changer for my Olympic lifting."

Arturo F.

Crossfit / Olympic Lifting Coach at Crossfit ATR, San Diego, CA


Athlete / Olympic Lifter

"Before every training session, I continue the mobility exercises you taught me and I am pleased to say the pain has never returned!"

Darlene F.

Crossfit Coach / National Level Olympic Lifter

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All you will need to do is give the program a fair trial for 30-days and if it doesn't work for you just email us and we'll give you a refund right away.


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