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The Runner's Knee program is a 45-day program to Fix Knee Pain and Get You Back to The Life & Sports You Love.

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Welcome to The Runners Knee Program



Can You Fix Knee Pain?

😳 In 2018, I nearly severed my knee in half...

This wasn't my first encounter with knee pain.

In the past, as a runner, soccer player, Olympic weightlifter and track & field athlete, I've suffered from:

  • Runner's Knee
  • Jumpers Knee
  • IT Band Syndrome

😩 ...but this injury was the worst knee pain I'd ever felt. 

Fortunately, because I help people fix injuries & get flexible, I know what to do about pain! I've spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars studying it!

🔑 I was able to completely fix my knee thanks to 3 core principles that are missing from most traditional recovery programs.

I call these principles the TSR System for fixing injuries and getting flexible.

⚡️ This system powers The Runner's Knee program and is your ticket to pain-free knees in the next 45-days.



How To Fix Knee Pain and "Runner's Knee"

👉 The focus of this program is the root causes of knee pain. 

The exercises in this program will immediately help mend the stiffness and tightness you may be experiencing.

👉 If you have:

  • Runner's Knee
  • Jumper's Knee
  • Chondromalacia Patella
  • Patellofemoral Malalignment
  • Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)
  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)
  • Pain while running, jumping or playing your sport 

....then this program is for you.

✅ The Runner's Knee is a complete video training program that teaches the exact 3-part system I use to help athletes get back to running, squatting, and playing their sports again.


Get Back To Running

😃 I’m happy to say that since 2018 my knee pain has never returned, even when I'm running 5x/week

Having been so injured at one point that even attempting to walk without limping was impossible – I cannot even tell you how much freedom and peace of mind I now feel.

🔑 The key was developing the skill I needed to permanently fix my injury and then bullet-proof my body against future injuries. Once you do this, knee pain will be a thing of the past – even while you remain very active (running, jumping, playing sports.)

I had to invest 12+ years, of energy, effort and money to learn the lessons I've learned, and I've been helping athletes fix their own knee pain since then.

🚀 My goal is to shorten your journey and give you the tools to help you get your athletic life back fast, so you can:

  • Run faster
  • Run farther
  • Stay injury-free.

 Are you ready for happy, healthy knees?


Get "The Runner's Knee" Program

Fix Your Knees with "The Ultimate Guide to Runner's Knee"

Get the 45-Day Program ($297) $97

Over 20,000 + Athletes And Counting...

Thousands of athletes around the world are using our programs.

What You Get With The Program

👌 The Runner's Knee is a series of over 62 videos and follow-along PDF routines that I teach step-by-step. I won’t just be teaching you some theory from a textbook either.

👉 Instead, I will...

  • Visually show you all the body positions that are safe and unsafe for you to perform.
  • Show you the tools you will need to start fixing your knee pain.
  • Help you learn the best exercises for pain-free knees.
  • Teach you how to free up all the ranges of motion you will need in the gym and in life to stay pain-free and flexible.

Inside, you’ll learn my 3-step system, and I'll also walk you through many practical exercises ranging from easy to advanced.

📚 The PDF Quick Start Guide will help get you started off on the right foot. 

Complete 45-Day Recovery Program

👍 This program is packed with step-by-step tutorials and resources for runners and athletes. 

The course is a natural solution for chronic knee pain. drugs, no pills, no surgeries!

📚 In addition to the videos and PDF Quick Start Guide, you are going to get a specific 45-day routine (PDF) to fix painful knees and tight hips and ankles.

I tell you exactly what to do to fix knee pain permanently, and prevent it from ever coming back

🧠 Knowledge is power and this knowledge can help prevent knee pain from messing with your life ever again.

All the secrets to relieving knee pain...all inside!

Are you ready to run strong? 

Move and Feel Like an Athlete Again

👉 The 3 Step TSR System I've developed can help any athlete:

  • Create pain-free, injury-proof knees
  • Know why your knees get hurt while running and what to do about it
  • Quickly get pain under control when a “tweak” happens
  • Gain confidence knowing that knee injuries are not a death sentence

🧠 This knowledge is like having a powerful antidote to protecting you against pain and injury because it goes far beyond the traditional advice to...

"Ice your knees..." or "Just take some NSAIDS..." or "Rest up and it will heal"...or (the worst) "Just get surgery!"

💪 Instead, we bulletproof knees...without pills or surgery!

"The Runner's Knee" Program

Fix Your Knees and Stay Injury-Free for Life

Get The Program ($297) $97

100% Money-Back Guarantee

😃  We want you to fix your knees. Period.

We have over 100+ five star reviews and 20,000+ happy customers around the world...BUT if our program doesn't work for you for any reason...get your money back!

👍 Simple as that.

All you need to do is give the program a fair trial for 45-days and if it doesn't work for you, just email us and we'll give you a refund right away.


Follow The Runner's Knee roadmap to success.

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