Fix Hip Pain in 90 Days Guaranteed.

A Proven System and 1:1 Mentor to Fix Your Hip Pain and Get Your Life Back.

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VIP Mentorship Program Overview 

Get a Professional Assessment and Personalized TSR "Healthy Hips" Program

In physical therapy they say:

"If you're not assessing...you're guessing!"

That's why we do a professional, thorough hip pain, range of motion, strength and stability assessment first. 

This includes the GotROM Healthy Hips Assessment & Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS) 

Then we design a custom TSR program specifically for your unique needs.

And, unlike typical PT, chiro, Yoga, or massage, we tweak and refine the program ongoingly, even as often as every day if needed. 

This personalization ensures the most effective TSR regimen for you.


Live Monthly "Deep-Dive" Coaching Calls +
Unlimited "Better Every Day" Video Support from Your Personal Hip Specialist

A study published in 2018 in the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy exposed the truth about physical therapy sessions.

On average, patients only received 38% of treatment time for active exercises and a measly 14% for manual therapy. 

In other words, almost 50% of your valuable time is spent on passive modalities such as heat or ice therapy, electrical stimulation, or ultrasound instead of 1-on-1 personalized, detailed attention and active participation.

In these monthly 1-on-1 VIP calls, and the frequent video check-ins, we do the opposite. We spend, on average, 3x the amount that you'd spend with your typical PT so that you get better faster.


THE TSR SYSTEM AND 24/7 SUPPORT from a Doctor of Physical Therapy Who's Lived Through Similar Hip Problems As You.

This program will help you free yourself of hip pain faster than conventional methods. 

The first reason is: the program is grounded in, modern scientific guidelines for rehab of femoroacetabular impingement syndrome (FAIS) and includes all 3 pillars of the TSR system.

The second reason is: TSR System is much more comprehensive than generic physical therapy.

The third reason is: It was also designed by people who actually suffered from really bad hip problems themselves.

The¬†fourth reason is: you get unlimited access to your hip hip pain specialist ‚Äď a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in hips ‚Äď for custom-tailored solutions.

This science-based, holistic approach +¬†"Expert-Doctor-of-physical-therapy-in-your-pocket"¬†gives you¬†unparalleled support, guidance, inspiration, and accountability whenever you need it ‚Äď 24 hours a day.

✅ VIP BONUS #1: 

Lifetime Access to our 

Top-Rated 16 Program Curriculum: 

"Fix Injury University + Flexibility University"

Your hips will be healed in 90 days. But after that, this $2,000 bonus helps prevent future pain, injuries, and expensive medical bills.

Upon completion of the VIP Mentorship, you will have these 16 programs in your arsenal in the custom dashboard we build you.

Having these¬†16 programs¬†in your¬†toolkit guarantees your long-term joint/muscle health and helps you¬†build a bulletproof body ‚Äď for life.

My "Secret Weapon" in Overcoming My Own FAI Hip Impingement / Chronic Hip Problems

 designed it specifically for people like me who are dealing with...

  • Femoracetabular Impingement (FAI)
  • Hip Impingement
  • Poor Hip Internal Rotation
  • Groin Pain / Adductor Strains
  • Limited Hip Flexibility & Mobility


What do YOU think would happen if you had expert 1-on-1 help (24-hours-a-day), a proven system already helping over 30,000+ people around the world, AND you were more consistent than you've ever been before over the next 3 months?

The answer is: you'd fix hip pain 2-3x faster!

And, the results get better and better over time.

But the key is this holistic, multi-disciplinary approach:

  • Proven TSR System (30,000+ Students)
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy¬†Hip Specialist
  • Professional Assessment & Personalized Plan
  • 24/7¬†"Better Every Day" Support
  • $2,000 bonus programs
  • The Hip Stick
  • Consistency

In 2011 We Healed Our Own Hips (without Surgery).
Then Helped 30,000+ Real People Get Real Results.
All Ages. No Matter The Condition.

We have students in their 20s, 30s, 50s, 60s, and 70s in the VIP Mentorship Program fixing their hips.

(Even with arthritis, labral tears, bone-on-bone pain, avascular necrosis (AVN) or anything else.)

Video Poster Image

Meet Your Mentor:


Shane Dowd, CES, CMP

CEO & Founder GotROM.com & TheFAIFix.com

For¬†the past 14+ years, I've¬†helped over 30,000+ people fix injuries, get flexible, and build bulletproof, athletic bodies ‚Äď for life.

I'm a Certified Massage Practitioner (CMP), Strength & Conditioning Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), and Flexibility/Mobility Teacher.

But most importantly, I used to be where you are… 

ūüĎ®‚Äć‚öēÔłŹ Doctors, Xray's, and MRIs told me I had:

  • Femoroacetabular impingement (aka FAI/hip impingement)
  • Labral damage + subchondral cyst
  • Scoliosis, Shoulder impingement
  • Chronic back, neck, and knee pain and more...

In other words, I was a mess. 

But now, my once "tin-man" body has transformed into a body that moves, feels, and looks better at almost 40 than it did at age 20!


The VIP Mentorship Advantage:

A Proven System and 1:1 Mentor to Fix Your Hip Pain 2-3x Faster.

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