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How To Quickly Master The Back Bridge

The back bridge is a timeless exercise that can help build total-body strength and improve your flexibility at the same time. Whether your focus is strength training, calisthenics, yoga or any other type of exercise, back bridging is an exercise / posture / position that will come up.

Unfortunately, due to the postural changes and tightness that comes from a modern lifestyle, most people have lost the ability to get anywhere near the full back bridge.

The most common complaints I hear when teaching new people the back bridge is:

"It hurts my low-back / shoulders / wrists!"

Fortunately, there is a solution for each one of those areas and it doesn't take that long when you use a systematic approach. In fact, I believe the full back bridge is attainable for even the tightest, most desk-bound individual.

The Back Bridge – Not just for gymnasts and flexible young people anymore. 

The 3 "Master Keys" to Back Bending

Master Posture (Thoracic Spine)

The Thoracic Spine is the first victim of the modern sitting lifestyle. Therefore it is the first thing we fix.


Master Anterior Chain Flexibility

Abdominal and hip flexor flexibility (your anterior chain) is the next area we make work to make flexible. 


Master Shoulder Flexibility

Shoulder Flexibility is an important part of mastering the back bridge. Learn how to eliminate shoulder impingement and shoulder pain.


20,000 + Athletes and Counting...

Real People. Real Results.

Thousands of athletes and non-athletes around the world are using our programs.


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Expert Instruction

Backed by over 12 years of experience, studying and teaching in areas including: corrective exercise, yoga, strength & conditioning, massage, physical therapy, kinesiology, biomechanics and more.

How To Avoid Injuries...

Learn how to avoid the most common injuries. Discover how to never hurt your low back or shoulders while you train. Let our TSR System guide you step-by-step through safe bridging.

Get Flexible At Home or The Gym

Traditional flexibility techniques don't work that well. We've created innovative techniques and a unique methodology that will help you get flexible faster.

STEP-BY-STEP: Back Bending for Stiff People

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Build a Bridge the Right Way (45-Day Program)

Everyone needs specific guidance on the road to recovery. Let our 30 & 45 day programs be your guide. All available for download in your digital library.

For Your Posture...

Chances are you are not young and naturally flexible. If you were, you probably would not be looking at this program. Adults and people with a little "wear-and-tear" on their bodies need a different approach than flexible, young gymnasts. This is that approach.

For Performance.

Whether you just want to be part of the "movement culture," a yogi, a gymnast, Crossfitter or something else...we've got you covered... Optimize your movement capabilities and undo the negative postural changes from sitting by working on your back bridge flexibility.

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We want you to get flexible. Period. If our program doesn't work for you for some reason, we want you to spend your money on a different approach to help you get flexible.

All you will need to do is give the program a fair trial for 45-days and if it doesn't work for you, just email us and we'll give you a refund right away.

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