We've Suffered Pain & Injury and Found A Way To Get Better. 

Our Mission Is To Help You Do The Same.


👋 Hi! I'm Shane Dowd CEO and founder of GotROM.com & TheFAIFix.com

I help people fix injuries, get flexible & build bulletproof bodies (for life.)
I am a Certified Massage Practitioner (CMP), Strength & Conditioning Coach, and Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES).

But more importantly, I used to be where you are…

👉 In 2011, I had lots of pain, zero flexibility, and a broken body: 
  • Doctors, X-rays, and MRIs told me I had a nasty hip impingement (femoroacetabular impingement/cam morphology)
  • To make matters worse, I also had labral damage and a subchondral cyst
  • They told me, “Don’t be an idiot. Get surgery before it gets worse"
  • The cherry on top was – I also had scoliosis, shoulder impingement, back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and more. 
In short, I had a lot of chronic pain and a weak, stiff, "tin-man" body.

BUT…I no longer do.

Now, near age 40, I move and feel better than I did at 20!

This short, 2-min transformation video shows how everything changed.

How did I do it?
How did I go from broken to bulletproof?

Over a 12+ year period, I became obsessed.
Obsessed with learning how to heal my body. 

I trained with 2x Olympic athletes like Hector Cotto. I studied with world-class coaches and therapists like Ido Portal, Carl Valle, and Phil Petachenko. I attended many 10, 20, 30, and 45-day silent meditation retreats to develop mind/body mastery. In the 5 years after Doctors told me, “you’re screwed,” I spent over $26,000+ learning how to fix my body. And a lot more since. 

The end result was a 100% healed body and a NEW method to fix injuries and build a strong, flexible body. The method is called The TSR System, and it powers over 16 popular online programs, including The FAI Fix, and is helping over 20,000+ people around the world

I also have over 220+ FREE videos on YouTube

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My mission is to help you do what I did…but faster. 🚀 

This is important to me because I believe...

Every human being deserves a body that works

A body that is pain-free. A body that is flexible. A body that is strong


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