How Vivien Improved Her Hips, Posture & Life

 By  Shane Dowd , CES, CMP

So there I was, sitting at a restaurant with my mom and stepfather...

Suddenly, mom starts doing "that thing" that moms do...bragging about her kids (specifically ME.)

Worse yet, she had cornered our waitress to tell the poor girl ALLLL about me. ğŸ¤¦

"This is my son, he's got an online business that helps people with pain, posture, flexibility..."

I smiled politely wishing I could apologize to the poor girl standing in front of us, but oddly enough, she seemed genuinely interested!

2+ years later, it turns out she actually WAS genuinely interested, and in fact, that moment was a helpful turning point in her own life!

This is her story of how she ended up using Got ROM's programs and making great strides in her posture, mobility and quality of life! 

Watch the video to learn more!

🧐Specifically, in this video you will learn:

  • The funny way that Vivian & Shane met (thanks, Mom!)
  • How Vivian improved her hip mobility & quality of life
  • What Vivian learned from the 45-day "Desk Posture" program
  • What Vivian thinks about Got ROM methods of stretching
  • Why it's important to not blindly stretch for a specific prescribed time



About The Author

Shane Dowd, CES, CMP is the owner/founder of He is also a sports performance & mobility coach specializing in injury prevention and flexibility for athletes.



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