How To Get Into The Middle Splits

 By  Shane Dowd , CES, CMP

Want To Do The Middle Splits?

Today's video will give you 2 kick-butt principles you can use to do the splits.

This video stems from my direct personal experience struggling with the middle splits. 

Stretch. FAIL. Stretch. FAIL. Stretch FAIL.

You see, I have "bad bone shapes" (cam morphology, labral tear, cysts.)

I'm actually NOT built for the splits. 

However, I learned how to work around my disadvantages, conquer the splits and now I'm sharing my "splits secrets" with you!

🧐Specifically, in this video you will learn:

  • How to prevent "outer hip pinch" in the middle splits?
  • How to keep the feet FLAT when doing the middle splits?
  • How to get into the DEEP middle splits with 2 key principles 
  • Why "twerking" ( what you see in rap videos) HELPS
  • How you can use your HANDS like people use BANDS for mobility?
  • What is "hip centration" and how do you use it to prevent impingement?

Enjoy the video!



About The Author

Shane Dowd, CES, CMP is the owner/founder of He is also a sports performance & mobility coach specializing in injury prevention and flexibility for athletes.



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