How To Strengthen Your Hips without Surgery (Doctors Discuss with Shane Dowd of The FAI Fix)

 By  Shane Dowd , CES, CMP

Imagine a world where your hips are giving you a hard time…

Stiffness, back and hip pain, even the threat of arthritis.

Sounds like a party you'd rather not attend, right?

Well, the common solution to this hip impingement party pooper is surgery.

But what if I told you there's another way? A way that doesn't involve scalpels, anesthesia, and hospital gowns that never seem to close properly at the back. ๐Ÿ˜…

Enter me! Shane, The Hipster Hero.

I’m like the superhero of hips you always wished you had. I swooped in, fixed my own hip impingement, and now I’m on a mission to help YOU regain your mobility.

In a recent video discussion **with **Doctors Mike and Crystal from the “Live Forever-ish podcast”, I spill all the beans on my journey and shares some less invasive and less expensive options to tackle hip impingement.

It's like a secret recipe for happy hips! ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿ’ƒ

Now, I won't spoil all the fun here. To get the full scoop, you'll have to watch the video. Trust me, it's worth every minute.

So, grab your popcorn, find a comfy spot (thanks to your happy hips), and tune in here…

Summary of Topics Discussed with The Doctors… 

  1. "Unlocking the Mystery of the Hips" - Join me as I journey alongside Dr. Mike and Dr. Crystal, recounting my personal battle with hip discomfort, and uncovering the surprising ways our bodies work together.

  2. "Hip Impingement: My Unseen Adversary" - Hear about my own struggle with hip impingement, a silent saboteur that led to recurring back injuries and forced me to rethink everything I thought I knew about my body.

  3. "Why I Chose to Break Up with Surgery" - I'll share the thought process behind my monumental decision to decline surgery, a choice that forever changed my perspective on health and wellness.

  4. "My Secret Recipe for Hip Health" - I'll be opening up about my unique triad for hip health: specific tissue work, mindful stretching, and targeted strengthening. Learn how these strategies have not only helped me manage hip discomfort but also revolutionized my overall wellbeing.

  5. "Pregnancy and Hip Health: A Woman’s Concern" - In this segment, I delve into the unique hip health challenges that women face during and after pregnancy, and the nuanced approach I found to successfully navigate them.

  6. "From 'Stiff as a Board' to Supple and Strong" - I share my transformational journey from feeling rigid and inflexible to becoming a champion of mobility. I'll also offer tips on how you can start your own journey with as little as 10-15 mins/day.

  7. "Live Forever-ish: How Hip Strength Promotes Longevity" - Unearth the secrets of longevity hidden within hip health. Discover how maintaining muscular strength and flexibility can be the key to a life filled with vibrancy and activity.



About The Author

Shane Dowd, CES, CMP is the owner/founder of He is also a sports performance & mobility coach specializing in injury prevention and flexibility for athletes.



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