Posture Correctors: (THE TRUTH!)


  By  Shane Dowd , CES, CMP


🤔 Do posture correctors REALLY work?

...or are they just a pile of 💩

Discover the TRUTH in today's video!

Watch this new video if you suffer from:

"Hunchback posture"
"Forward head posture"
"Rounded shoulders"
"Slumped posture"
"Nerd neck"
"Text neck"
(or any other postural issue)

👉 Specifically, in this 7-minute YouTube video you will learn:

  • Do posture correctors really work?
  • What are the pros and cons of posture correctors?
  • What does "Dr. Dowd" think about posture correctors?
  • What are the 3 factors MORE important than posture correctors
  • How can you fix your posture without spending money on gadgets?



About The Author

Shane Dowd, CES, CMP is the owner/founder of He is also a sports performance & mobility coach specializing in injury prevention and flexibility for athletes.



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