Are Squats Bad for Hip Impingement? (THE TRUTH!)

 By  Shane Dowd , CES, CMP

If you've ever wondered whether squats and hip impingement can coexist, you're not alone.

Many Doctors (and even some physical therapists) say they don't. They say that they are like...

...oil and water...

...cats and dogs...

...or toothpaste and orange juice (yuck!).

But today, we're on a mission to uncover the truth by sharing three inspiring case studies of individuals who successfully regained their ability to perform deep squats despite struggling with severe hip impingement.

So, let's dive in and discover the real story!


The Physically Feeble Fallacy

Let's start by addressing the common belief that squats and hip impingement are a bad mix.

Is there any truth to this claim?

Well, if you subscribe to the "physically feeble fallacy" perpetuated by certain doctors and physical therapists, you may never even give yourself a chance to improve your squats.

However, adopting a mindful, patient, and persistent approach could unlock a decent squat for you.

Case Study 1: Megan's Journey

Let's meet Megan, for example.

Megan initially used our FAI Fix system to alleviate her hip pain, and thanks to her consistent mobility practice, she continues to make gains to this day!

Here are some pictures documenting her incredible journey:




Case Study 2: Craig's Transformation

Now, let's turn our attention to Craig.

Craig invested in our 45-day Deep Squats program, and here's his take on it.


Case Study 3: Dr. Garrett's Triumph

Last but certainly not least, let's delve into Dr. Garrett's journey.

Dr. G was told squats and hip impingement were incompatible, like oil and water.

However, with our support, his unwavering desire to learn, and a lot of practice, he successfully transformed his squats from ugly to awesome!

Not only did he improve his squats, but he also made significant progress in his splits. 

Nice job, Garrett!

NOTE: Dr. Garrett is part of our VIP Mentorship team, and does 1:1 coaching for hip impingement. Learn more by scheduling a free, 1-on-1 call with me (Shane) to discuss how we help people heal their hips 2-3x faster.


How Long Does It Take?

Now, it's crucial to clarify that none of these individuals, including myself, went from being stiff to flexible overnight. 

Here is how long it took me:

As you can see from Megan's progress photos, the journey towards a better squat comes with its fair share of ups and downs. But Isn't that why we squat in the first place? 😉

Get it? Squats... up... down... (cricket sounds)

Anyway, let's continue breaking the myth that squats and hip impingement cannot coexist.

As these three case studies have shown, and as my own personal experience confirms, anything is possible with consistency and tenacity.


The Grey Area of Squatting

Sure, doctors may advise against squats, and therapists may claim you have a "bone problem" and insist that squatting deep is only possible after fixing the bones. But don't let their limiting beliefs crush your dreams.

Life is full of grey areas, and squatting isn't a simple "yes" or "no" scenario.

It's about understanding the degree to which you can squat today, exploring different squat variations, delving into depths, adjusting speed, and managing load.


Squats & Hip Impingement: The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: don't succumb to the physically feeble fallacy and baby yourself.

However, avoid forcing yourself into rock-bottom squats with heavy weights if your hips and ankles aren't prepared for it.

Find the middle path and gradually work towards a deeper, better squat over time.


How To Get a Deep, Pain-Free Squat Now

If you prefer a "DIY" approach like Craig Clark, we have a 45-day Deep Squats program 

For those seeking personalized, one-on-one guidance from individuals who have faced and conquered hip impingement issues while overcoming their own squat struggles, we offer a VIP mentorship program for those who meet certain requirements.

Schedule a free 15-minute call with me to explore whether you'd be a good fit for this program.

 And always remember, you are just one step away from building (or rebuilding) your perfect body.




About The Author

Shane Dowd, CES, CMP is the owner/founder of He is also a sports performance & mobility coach specializing in injury prevention and flexibility for athletes.



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