Why I STOPPED Training with Ido Portal



Today, I'm going to share the BIG REASON WHY I stopped training with the legendary Ido Portal.

Picture this: Handbalancing, muscle-ups, crawling on the ground like a human spider. For me, training with Ido Portal was super fun and different from anything I'd ever done.

But here's the twist: training with him ended up NOT fulfilling ALL my expectations.

So, in this video, I reveal the 1 BIG REASON why I left Ido's orbit AND what my decision might mean for you...


My Training Journey with Ido Portal

What I Learned from Ido Portal's Methods

Before we dive into my personal transformation, let me make one thing clear: I have immense respect for Ido Portal and his training methods. The way he brings creativity and innovation to fitness is truly inspiring, and I continue to draw inspiration from his teachings. I even created several video about what I learned. For example:

However, as I trained with Ido, I started questioning whether I was truly achieving my desired physical qualities.


What Was MISSING from Training with Ido Portal

At first, my training with Ido involved dedicating over 16 hours per week to four specific areas: bent arm, straight arm, legs, and balance. Each day had a different focus, with various exercises targeting these areas. The workouts were diverse and challenging, but I couldn't help but wonder if these skills would translate into the athletic pursuits I wanted to excel in.


My ultimate goal was to become a well-rounded athlete, excelling in team sports, sprinting, agility, and explosive movements. I wanted to be that person who could jump into any sport and perform at a high level. Unfortunately, as my training with Ido progressed, I felt it wasn't adequately preparing me for this kind of versatility.

It became clear to me that Ido emphasized certain skills, like hand balancing, one-arm pull-ups, and ground crawling, which didn't align with my objectives. Don't get me wrong, these skills have value, but they didn't contribute to the specific areas I wanted to improve.


Moving Away From The Ido Portal Method


Crafting My NEW Personalized Training Routine

Realizing this, I made the decision to modify my training routine to focus on the qualities that mattered most to me. I created a new schedule incorporating sprinting, agility work, hiking, frisbee, and sport-specific strength training. These elements resonated with my athletic aspirations and brought me pure joy.


Day AM Activity PM Activity
Mon Sprints/Agility/Plyometrics Lower Body Power/Strength
Tue Steady-State Cardio (Hiking/Jogging in Nature) Upper Body Strength
Wed Walking/Flexibility/Mobility Frisbee with the Crew!
Thu Steady-State Cardio (Hiking/Jogging in Nature) Upper Body Strength
Fri Sprints/Agility/Plyometrics Lower Body Power/Strength
Sat Walking/Flexibility/Mobility Rest
Sun Rest Rest


Where The Ido Portal Method Shines

Now, let's give credit where credit is due. Ido's training methods are incredibly effective for building strength, mobility, and body control. His approach may be perfect for you if you have specific goals like achieving a one-arm handstand or seeking a unique training experience outside traditional routines. I highly encourage exploring it.


The Importance of Individualization

But for me, I needed to align my training with the activities I enjoyed the most and the skills I wanted to maintain as I got older. That meant focusing on team-sport-like athletic development, honing skills like sprinting, agility, and plyometrics, and embracing activities like walking, jogging, and immersing myself in nature.


Should YOU Do The Ido Portal Method?

In the end, my decision to transition away from training with Ido Portal was an easy one. I asked myself three vital questions:

  1. What activities do I truly enjoy?
  2. What do I want to be able to do with my body as I age?
  3. What daily activities will help me develop those desired qualities?

Once I had those answers, my new path became clear.



To wrap it up, I shifted my training focus away from Ido Portal's methods because I wanted a more sport-specific approach that resonated with my athletic goals and brought me long-term fulfillment. If you're on a similar journey, take the time to evaluate what truly resonates with you. Make sure your training regimen is something you genuinely love and can commit to for a lifetime.


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About The Author

Shane Dowd, CES, CMP, is the owner/founder of GotROM.com. He is also a sports performance & mobility coach specializing in injury prevention and flexibility for athletes.



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